5 Tips for Dressing your Girls for Confidence

I am not sure how many know but... I kind of have some experience dressing girls, with four daughters of my own, I can assure you.... I know, right? Lol!

What is interesting though is how confidence has always played a huge role in our decisions even towards choosing our girls outfits. Not that I was completely aware of this, but since we started our clothing lines, this came to my mind very frequently, if not all the time. I really feel there are some strategies we used that clearly contribute to their confidence, among many other things of course. Clothing affects confidence. It’s not like you are unconfident without a good outfit, per se, but a killer shoe and a dress you love can help you feel like you're going to nail an interview or dazzle a social scene. Even if you’re not like me and don’t see a connection between clothes and confidence, looking into how what we wear affects who we are might be important. Therefore, the sooner we get our girls outfits on board, the better, right?

#1 Teach Them About Image

Girls, especially tweens, are so busy wanting to fit in, that they don't always realize that the clothes they wear, or the way they wear them, could give others the wrong impression. Explaining why certain styles should be avoided, along with our reasoning for that, helps them understand that we are not arbitrarily deciding that they can't wear something they want.

#2 Teach Them to Care for Their Wardrobe

There is no such thing as old enough to learn how to begin caring for clothes and making them last. Every child can begin by learning how to use their clothes appropriately, put them away nicely, sort dirty laundry by color and fabric, and ultimately how to use the washer and dryer. Being sure we explain to our child that washing clothes more than they need can fade colors, and age the item prematurely. As not washing them when necessar, also wears them out. Taking the time to show our children how to fold clothes to prevent wrinkles, and put them away to be worn again. Again explaining our points, you will be surprised how much they can understand and do.

#3 Set Fashion Limits

It's important that our girls have some say in the clothes they wear, and (especially tweens) know what's fashionable and what isn't. It's also important that we give them the opportunity to establish their own sense of style, within certain boundaries, and that may mean wearing clothes that are different from the clothes we would choose for them. Giving them the space to make their own decisions. Our girls are trying to establish a sense of self, but we are still the parent and have the right to set limits.

However, when we instill all of these tips from a young age, they most likely won't be too far off of what we would pick. At least, I have proven this to be true not with one but with all four of my daughters!

#4 Pick Your Battles

We may know that our tween daughters look much better in certain styles and colors than the ones they want to wear, but it's alright to allow them to make a few fashion mistakes and to learn from them. It's also important that we pick our battles in order to save our energy for the really important issues. And I promise, these will come. Lol!

#5 Teach Them What is Appropriate

Finally, being sure our girls understand that we all need to consider what's appropriate dress not only for occasions such as weddings, funerals, banquets, church, or other special events; but also on a daily basis. Our children may fuss at the thought of wearing a skirt in public, but it's up to us to make sure that they understand the importance of dressing for the occasion. And, that it's disrespectful not to. Showi them how dressing well and taking care of our appearance goes hand in hand with feeling confident and dare I say, invincible. Various studies have been done to see exactly how our choice in clothing affects our state of mind, and results have found that formal clothing is a great choice for inducing feelings of empowerment as well as fueling a more abstract and broad mindset. I have personally researched on this topic for 4 years now and wrote about it: what we wear matters, and not on a frivolous way only... trust me.

Girls outfits are no joke, dressing them for confidence will empower them so much! It comes as no surprise that powerful working women such as Michelle Obama, Hillary Clinton, and Anna Wintour continuously make headlines for their style as well as their work. What we choose to wear matters.

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